Smoky Quartz Crystal Infused Candle

Smoky Quartz Crystal Infused Candle

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Grounding and courage candle 

Smokey Quartz disperses fear, lifts depression and relieves stress while bringing emotional calmness to the mind. It is said to be the stone that facilitates balance through times of stress and turmoil, opening the mind to acceptance, forgiveness and peace.   

As a grounder with powerful healing properties, Smokey Quartz sets to let go of old wounds and move forward. Clearing the aura of negativity, calming anxiety and getting all aspects of life in order.  

As the Crystal of healing and balancing, Smoky quartz has been paired with the scent of Rose to encourage us to breathe deeply and slowly. An ultimate healer, when paired together they can heal and energise the body, amplifying any energy or intent.

Mantra: “I am fearless. I am calm. I am ready for action”. 

This tranquil cotton wick candle, is hand made using high-quality scented soy wax, complete with gift box