Rose Quartz Crystal Infused Candle

Rose Quartz Crystal Infused Candle

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Healing and nurturing candle   

Rose Quartz promotes emotional healing in times of heartbreak, betrayal and sorrow. It’s warm energy brings happiness and soothes the soul, serving as a reminder to practice self-love whilst releasing stress and tension. 

As the classic stone of love, Rose Quartz helps dissolve old hurts and re-opens the heart to love, trust and faith.  

As the Crystal of love, rose quartz has been paired with the scent of Ylang Ylang for a beautifully fragrant, sweet yet slightly fruity floral scent. Paired together, can enhance compassion, understanding & harmony for those seeking healthy relationships. 

Mantra: “I am whole. I am healed. I am love”. 

 This tranquil cotton wick candle, is hand made using high-quality scented soy wax, complete with gift box.