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– Used in Traditional Chinese medicine for years, jade promotes balance, positivity, and calm, and is believed to carry a healing energy that restores harmony to skin 

– Physically, this crystal has more resistance on skin than rose quartz and amethyst, so while it’s not as silky and glass-like in texture, it is better for achieving firming and lifting results – e.g. smoothing wrinkles, sculpting muscle, and tightening loose skin 

– Contains properties that aid the body’s natural defence system, relaxing the nervous system and eliminating toxins from skin 

– Jade has high thermal conductivity, so it quickly and easily warms up to skin’s temperature 

– Best used in the morning, since it has a revitalising energy that helps skin to feel fresh and invigorated 

– Jade is quite lightweight, so can sometime feel easy to use and manoeuvre than rose quartz. It’s also a very hard stone, so is unlikely to crack or break if you accidentally drop it 

– Best for balancing 

**How to use it:
Smooth a few drops of facial oil into the skin. Begin rolling at the centre of the face, under the eyes and cheekbones, moving out toward the hairline, in short, gentle strokes. 
Move down to the jawbone, still working in short strokes, starting at the chin, and moving out toward the bottom of the ears.
Roll above the eyebrows and forehead in an out and up motion. 
Use the smaller roller around the eyes and take extra care in this area. 
Finally, very gently roll down the sides of the neck and then toward the centre of the clavicle.

**Place your roller in the fridge before use for extra cooling and soothing action.

❤︎ Care instructions:
This quartz roller is a very delicate tool, please use it with care.
To clean your roller use a moist cloth and wipe only the crystals, do not wash with water.

❤︎ Note:
Due to natural variations in the stone, each roller is individually unique in colour and may vary slightly from the image on this page.