Cork Yoga Block Set

Cork Yoga Block Set

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Are you looking for an environmentally friendly but functional and stylish addition to your yoga accessories?

Practicing yoga is usually associated with better eating, mindful of our carbon footprint, and living a life as clean and free of toxins as possible. But in this world full of synthetic and chemical products, let's face it - it is becoming increasingly difficult to find products that go hand in hand with our healthy and natural yogi lifestyle.

This premium cork yoga block set with carrying case is the perfect environmentally friendly and functional yoga support for you!

Cork yoga blocks are environmentally friendly and also perfect for your yoga practice thanks to their light, antimicrobial and high-performance qualities. These non-slip blocks are sturdy and reliable so they won't be distracted by instability. So you can concentrate entirely on improving your body and mind

Still not convinced? Here are a few more benefits of the Parpox Premium Cork Yoga Block Set

● The blocks are 22,7x12x7,5 cm and weigh 380 g
● Easy to grip and structured surface with comfortable contoured edges.
● Ethically and sustainably sourced from Portugal.

Experience that mother nature is part of your daily yoga training with the Parpox Premium Cork Yoga Block Set. Click "Add to Cart" TODAY!
✅ IMPROVED PERFORMANCE - Take your yoga, pilates or stretching workout to a new level! Our cork blocks are ideal for beginners and advanced. Our blocks offer better support than foam blocks and are more comfortable than bamboo blocks.
✅ NON-TOXIC AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Our yoga blocks are made from sustainable cork. Cork oaks are harvested every 9 years and survive for over 200 years. There is also very little processing required to extract the cork, which gives the end product an incredibly small ecological footprint.
✅ HYGIENIC & ANTIMICROBIAL - cork is absorbent and does not become so slippery. It is antimicrobial, naturally eliminates bacteria and germs and repels mold. The cork yoga blocks are very easy to clean, just wipe with soap and water and let dry.
✅ DURABLE QUALITY - Our premium yoga blocks support your yoga training for years. Made from 100% natural, high density cork, these blocks are non-slip and incredibly durable. They optimally support all yoga styles - from Bikram, Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga and more.
✅ GREAT PRICE-PERFORMANCE RATIO With your purchase you will receive a pair of premium cork yoga blocks, as well as a stylish 100% jute eco friendly storage bag that is large enough to store your blocks and other yoga accessories.