Bornite Crystal Infused Candle

Bornite Crystal Infused Candle

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Bornite Crystal Infused Candle  

Appreciation and acceptance candle 

Bornite (also known as peacock pyrite/ore) is regarded as one of the strongest healing stones in the mineral kingdom, breaking old patterns of thought and emotion to clear obstacles so you can achieve your goals.  

As a bringer of joy and happiness, bornite draws necessities and comfort to you, whilst encouraging spiritual growth and abundance.  

As the Crystal of happiness, Bornite has been paired with the scent of vanilla for a sweet, cozy, and comforting vibe which also helps to  brighten our aura. Use when you are looking to attract new friendships or a new partner. 

Mantra: “I am abundant. I am confident. I am success”. 

This tranquil cotton wick candle, is hand made using high-quality scented soy wax, complete with gift box.