The Wright Walk



 Changing your world step by step

When Former Miss Jamaica and International model Cindy Wright decided to start a well being platform it was all intended to be self-esteem boosting principles of modelling to encourage females to channel their own ‘inner model’. But as the community grew, the demands shifted and it was clear that women were in search of far more than just body confidence and power poses. 

With anxiety at an all time high, Cindy found her audience calling for more of the accidental content she occasionally shared on her holistic lifestyle. From the use of Moringa for boosting serotonin levels before her morning meditations, to whipping up a soursop smoothie to calm the nervous system after a quick grounding session, nature was her very own playground and the people wanted more!

Coming from agricultural ancestry, Cindy always had a keen interest in the medicinal ingredients the rich Caribbean land had to offer. Dissatisfied with the quality and availability of such products worldwide, she obtained her agricultural licence and here her eco-farming journey began. Growing a variety of herbs, fruits and plants at her resident 50 acre ‘Dream Hill’, she set to work, milling and packaging herbal produce ready for consumption. 

Today, Cindy along with co-founder, wellness specialist Ruth Taylor, have developed The Wright Walk to empower women to take control of their physical and mental well being. With a vast range of products and information relating to ancient practices, plus contributions and insights from industry experts, The Wright Walk is the perfect destination for those seeking a more holistic path.

In the coming months you can look forward to the introduction of even more home grown herbs, supplements, body care, haircare, crystals and healing products, plus an online bookstore perfect for all soul searchers and plant life lovers alike.