Why our modelling course is also a must for influencers

The face of modelling is well and truly changing. No longer are glossy magazine campaigns or stylish TV advertisements enough to market products to potential customers. It is calculated that the average person will spend more than five years of their life on social media, and as this figure rises, influencers are set to become the models of tomorrow.

Since Eileen and Gerard Ford founded the first major agency (Ford Models) in 1946, the world of modelling has constantly evolved. Today, influencers are revolutionising the way consumers engage with brands, and big agencies want a slice of the action.

Influencers not only hold the power to impact marketing practises but also contribute to an emerging culture that promotes diversity and inclusion in the media world. This freedom means that anyone has the potential to break to industry, no matter how unique. The growth of influencers is also great news for models, lengthening the life span of careers as a whole host of new prospects become available.

The game has changed and modern-day brands are increasingly realising the strength of the social pound. They are ready to pay good money to get their products in front of your followers, and our online course is here to show you how. We’ll tell you everything you need to know from getting scouted, what influencer agencies are looking for and how to monetise your audience across all social platforms. The industry is still brand new, which means the opportunities are wide open. So don’t delay, get a head start, and sign up today!